About Us

Who We Are

Grand Master Furniture is a leading manufacturer and exporter based in Chiniot with hundreds of craftsmen delicately carving exquisite furniture in the old traditional way with solid wood, inlaid bronze and copper and mother of pearl motifs and designs, applied with antique finishes, consisting of hundreds of shades and colors.

We manufacture furniture exclusively on designs provided to us by our clients. We have made thousands of items in the past and are always happy to assist our potential customers in selecting furniture designs for specific projects.

Furniture & Decor Shopping Store

No wonder online shopping can be a hassle, that too for bulky items such as furniture. Luckily, we do apprehend the reason for your utmost firmness to do so. Grand Master Furniture’s online furniture and décor shopping store has made it easier for you to plan the atmosphere of your home via a high-class range of elegant and exclusive furniture. Our online store makes the process of getting a graceful household easy by offering premium furniture and home décor products at reasonable prices all over Pakistan.

Home Furniture

Getting the perfect theme set up for your home’s furniture, that would complement every season and mood, is a job to be done with topmost attention. Our range of home furniture includes beds, chairs, sofas, tables, coffee tables, and much more – all carved with meticulous details using solid wood, inlaid bronze, and copper. We have our exclusive designs and can also make designs of your choice with every facet particularly crafted for your taste. You can buy pre-built designs or get your own at Grand Master Furniture’s store all over Pakistan. We also have our online furniture and home décor shopping stores that operate all over Pakistan to provide you a hassle-free shopping experience with every furniture detail accounted for.

Furniture For Sale Online

The idea of furniture shopping is still a chaotic one for a lot of people, especially in Pakistan. Luckily, we at Grand Master Furniture’s are en route changing the course of furniture shopping for good. Like many other famous furniture brands in the world, Grand Master Furniture’s now offers online furniture shopping solutions for people looking to buy high-quality and sophisticated furniture products. We have our stores and services, ready to be availed, in major cities of Pakistan – Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. Pick up your phones and get ready to scroll through our world of hand-crafted and top-notch range of furniture.

Best Luxurious Furniture

We at Grand Master Furniture’s have not limited our specialties in the field of furniture to unexciting furniture patterns and repeated designs, rather, we aim to create new and stylish designs for all environments. We gather your requirements and ideas and get our craftsmen to delicately transform them into top-of-the-line furniture. We aim to transform every household and office setting that you own into a remarkable appearance of your modish lifestyle. We combine traditional ways of creating furniture using solid wood, copper, and ornamented bronze with modern and antique designs and patterns followed by high-quality finishing of shades and colors. Apart from the necessary complementing furniture designs, we keep a special eye on ensuring the implication of the adequate principles of ergonomics. Our stores are present in major cities of Pakistan. We welcome you with open arms to visit our stores physically/online to experience our designs or to allow us the honor to transform yours into elegant furniture.

High-End Modern Furniture At Your Doorstep

With Grand Master Furniture’s, you can now get your desired furniture and home décor products delivered to you at your doorstep. We realize and take care of your needs and requirements while trying to provide you the best services online without asking you to visit us for no reason. No matter if it is a table or a complete bedroom set, no matter if the design is your or one of ours, we can get it delivered to you at your doorstep. Visit our online store, explore our diverse furniture ranges and let us do the honors. Grand Master Furniture’s is available online and physically, all over Pakistan.

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